La felicidad a un golpe de tijera

An empowering activity journal full of collage tips and pages of cut-outs to cut and glue at your will.

Cutting and sticking is easy, anyone can do it and, with a few basic supplies, like paper, scissors, and a bit of glue, you’ve got yourself a great kit to start working. Collage, conceived by Picasso and Braque at the beginning of the 20th century, and which the Dadaists would incorporate later as an alternative, renegade response to traditional art, is a bit more than just cutting and sticking it is experimentation, investigation, learning, and a great deal of fun. If you inject some purpose or personal content into your clippings, you’ll succeed in creating a language of your own that will allow you to express your worries or experiences visually. Making collages will broaden our vision of the world, transforming and recycling images that already exist to create new ones with different meanings and new aesthetics, apart from the therapeutic, rewarding experience of the practice itself. This inventive activity art book, now in paperback, combines fun and focus, entertainment, and mindfulness. It includes a brief history of collage and practical tips and ideas to cut and paste, draw, paint, and sew and stitch using paper and everyday objects. Each double page proposes to look at things afresh, with suggestions and jumping-off points to unleash the capacity for creativity and, ultimately, widen the horizons for expression. It includes 25 pages of cutouts. A whole world to discover!

17,60 x 22,80 cm
Hoaki Books
Rebeka Elizegi
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