This beautiful Mohair Blanket has been made following  the traditional skills in washing and dying wool and in the finish.

It’s a collection of blankets inspired by Mark Rothko, where we seek to express the most basic universal emotions thanks to the wide rectangular color fields with undefined limits.

Mohair is the hair of the Angora goat, considered one of the most luxurious natural fibres in the world. Its qualities of whiteness, shine and silkiness allow for a vivid and long-lasting colour. Our Mohair blankets are distinguished by their lightness and warmth.

Dimensions: 130 x 150cm

Care Instructions: Do not wash - Do not bleach - Do not tumble dry - Do not Iron - Dry Cleaning. Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap.

Composition: 73% Mohair, 24% Wool  and 3% Polyamide

This product has been carefully selected to be branded Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga for the absolute commitment to traditional methods, quality and respect for the environment of its producers.

Made in Spain.

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