The Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Earthly Delights is the main subject of this documentary. A conversation piece at the Court of Nassau, The Garden of Dreams invites us to take part in a discussion of a selected group of intellectuals, writers, artists, musicians, philosophers…

Professor Falkenburg, who inspired this original idea, takes us on a journey between the sacred and the human, the grand themes of the piece, the personality and mastery of Bosch, its creator.

“Dionysian fantasy”, Nelida Piñon; “it´s as if you were having a fever all day long”, Miguel Barceló; “a unique piece in the history of art”, Salman Rushdie; “which invites one to think the unthinkable”, Michel Onfray; “in which the majority of people see themselves reflected”, Cees Nooteboom…

Orhan Pamuk, Cai Quo Giang, Ludovico Einaudi, Renée Fleming, William Christie, Laura Restrepo, Albert Boadella, Max, or historians such as Carmen Iglesias, John Elliott, Philippe de Montebello, Pilar Silva Maroto, the curator of the fifth centenary exhibition at Museo del Prado, and other guests, also participate in the conversation.

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