The appearance of the real

Fifty years of realist art in Spain (1960–2010)

Catalogue of the exhibition The appearance of the real on Spanish realist painting from the 1960s to 2010s, represented by Antonio López, María Moreno, Isabel Quintanilla, Amalia Avia, Julio y Francisco López Hernández, Claudio Bravo, Cristóbal Toral, Eduardo Naranjo, Gerardo Pita, Manuel Franquelo y César Galicia.

The bilingual publication with reproductions of all 72 works in the exhibition. The catalogue boasts an exhaustive appendix with the most relevant shows and bibliography and critical essays by Lourdes Moreno and Javier Viar.

It has been for the three generations of Spanish realists featured in this exhibition, who were born in the 1930s (Amalia Avia, Julio and Francisco López Hernández, María Moreno, Antonio López, Claudio Bravo and Isabel Quintanilla), the 1940s (Cristóbal Toral, Eduardo Naranjo) and the 1950s (Gerardo Pita, Manuel Franquelo and César Galicia). Their works reflect a wish to capture everyday, intimate environments that are observed and reproduced simply because they are there – because they are part of daily life, which is what gives them their meaning. The paintings, drawings and sculptures selected reveal these artists’ varied contributions to exploring the real, their breath-taking technical mastery and their ability to create highly suggestive images imbued with illusionism and emotion.

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25 x 2 x 28 cm
Fundación Palacio de Villalón
Javier Viar y Lourdes Moreno
Spanish and English
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